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IMG_1633What is a Reiki attunement?  

This is the process by which the Reiki teacher (often called a Reiki Master) passes on the ability to channel the Reiki energy. This involves a process of clearing any blocks to Reiki in your aura and connecting you to the ability to run Reiki energy by means of a direct transmission to your energy body (aura) There are many different energy systems that use attunement. Reiki is one of the most well Known and is an excellent basic all purpose system. It is easy to learn and is not burdened with a lot of esotericism or dogma.

The First Level

The first step is called First Degree Reiki, Reiki Level I or just Reiki I. The student receives reiju (aka denju or initiation) where the student is assisted to the Reiki energy and taught various hand positions and methods for administering Reiki on the self and others. The main concepts or principles of the founder are explained, as well as the ideals around the practice of Reiki.  Classes were typical 3 hours in length and held over 2 consecutive days. 

The Second Level

The second step is called Second Degree Reiki, Reiki Level II or just Reiki II. The first 3 Reiki symbols and their use are taught and the student receives another attunement, or up to 3 attunements (one for each symbol), depending on the style of Reiki being taught. After this, the symbols can be used to increase the strength of the Reiki energy, deal with mental and emotional issues, and to assist Reiki at a distance. Some instructors teach additional symbols as part of the curriculum. In the original Japanese system you would not be offered this level of training unless you can exhibit certain energy sensing skills.  However originally it was presented to the student immediately after the First level training.  Dr. Hayashi and some of his students were known to teach the first 2 levels close together (within a week) at times.

The Third Level or Reiki Master

The third level is called Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Reiki III / Master or just Reiki III.  Here the student is taught how to give Reiki attunements and possibly how to teach Reiki.  It includes the Usui master symbols and its use, and another attunement.  We require that the student practice and integrate the teaching process before passing on attunements to other students. We offer detailed documentation, ongoing support, and co-teaching of initial classes to guide and encourage the new Reiki teacher. 

A Reiki Master simply has the knowledge and capability to transfer the ability to use Reiki to a student.  As in any other disciplines, teaching ability, spiritual growth and knowledge differ from teacher to teacher, and are usually determined by their own life and occupational experiences. Also, some teachers focus more on teaching while others focus more on healing.

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