What is BioNeuroEmotion?

bioneuroEmotionThe BioNeuroEmotion is a method to optimize any client receives treatment, whether allopathic, complementary or traditional.

The BioNeuroEmotion is the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden emotion, which is associated with the symptom (illness or behavioral dissonance) and the meaning it has from the personal, family, transgenerational, to make conscious and so it can be treated by unlearning techniques and thus promote healing by releasing the emotion that is in the unconscious and transcend that emotion transforming.

The BioNeuroEmotion aims to bring the person who is ill to the next paradigm: Which is what led me here? Georg Groddeck paraphrase: What is the purpose of the disease? This question is intended to give the customer the idea that they are victims and bring them to what we call emotional maturity.

2 comentarios sobre “BioNeuroEmotion

  1. My husband have osteoarthritis. We want to know what we can do. My thyroid was removed complete and now I am taking medicine. I need to know if there are a possibility for feel much better with other resources.

    Me gusta

    1. Hi Maria Luisa,
      Yes, there are many things you can do. The first thing is to know what is the emotional conflict behind the physical condition because any illness is the way the body is trying to adapt to the messages we are sending to ourselves.
      Where do you live? we may set an appointment either in person or by Skype.
      Looking forward to hear from you soon,
      Luz Mariella

      Me gusta

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