7 comentarios sobre “Contact us

  1. I have a cousin that sees you on regular basis in NJ. And he highly recomeds your services, I wanted to know if you recommend anyone in your profession here in Tampa FL?
    This is where I live and woud love to see you or someone in your profession ?

    Me gusta

  2. Hello!

    My name is Marilyn and I have the first two levels of Aqualead. I will be visiting my family in Weehawken NJ sometimes during Christmas and I was wondering if it were possible to obtain the Master Aqualead level and Unicorn symbols when I go back to NJ. I currently live in Galicia, Spain and have not been able to find someone to give me the last levels of Aqualead..I have been practicing Aqualead for more than a year now. I’m ready and I really would love to do it when I go for Christmas. Thank you for your time!

    Love and light,

    Me gusta

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